Shaker Robotics

FRC 2791
Shaker Robotics was founded in the spring of 2008 as the Shaker Techology Club by a former FRC Team 1726 mentor, a young technology teacher, and two students. By the fall of 2008 the club had grown to 10 student members who decided to compete in the 2009 FIRST robotics competition. Today, the club is known as the Shaker Robotics Team and has over 20 student members including 5 families and 4 full-time mentors. We closely collaborate with two Arizona teams including, our “parent team” FRC1726, and International Chairmans winner FRC842, as well as individuals from 5 teams located in Texas, New Jersey, New York, and Canada.

Here at Shaker we’re proud to say that all of our graduates are attending college in a STEM field. Graduates are majoring in Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Pre-med, and Pharmacy at UC Berkeley, Colgate University, Clarkson University, Cooper Union, Arizona State, SUNY Buffalo, RIT, and SUNY Albany.

2014 robot

Each year FIRST assigns a new challenge to build a robot. Inventor Dean Kamen launched the 2013 FIRSTĀ® Robotics Competition (FRCĀ®) season on January 5th with the kickoff of a new game called ULTIMATE ASCENTSM. Nearly 51,000 high-school students in 81 cities around the world joined the Kickoff via live NASA-TV broadcast and webcast. The game is played between two Alliances of three teams each. Each Alliance competes by trying to score as many flying discs into their goals as possible during the 2-minute and 15-second match. Discs scored in higher goals score Alliances more points. Matches end with robots attempting to climb up pyramids located near the middle of the field. The Shaker Robotics team attended the kickoff event at RPI, along with team coaches, mentors and parents. Numerous other teams from the region also gathered to learn what the new game is, digest the lengthy game rules, and begin brainstorming potential design and engineering approaches. The team also considered possible game strategies, which will heavily impact the robot design.

> Visit to watch a short animation explaining the Ultimate Ascent game.